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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

People will see them as hypocritical if they do that. It also encourages people to stay on Facebook and Instagram, IMO, instead of having them migrate to free and libre platforms.

You can't reach the public by shouting messages from an isolated island. A good idea nobody hears might as well not be uttered, and the people listening to the FSF on free software platforms are already FSF supporters.

Advocating mixed free/proprietary software as a stepping stone towards totally free computing would increase their appeal.

That can actually backfire by discouraging people from ever writing free counterparts. If I don't see the need to write a replacement because this proprietary software I still use still works, then I won't write a replacement, because why do I need to?

If the completely free from top to bottom option doesn't meet their needs, it's a non-starter. A FOSS office suite that doesn't interact flawlessly with Microsoft Office means you'll have problem at schools, at jobs, applying for work, filing government forms, and so forth. I hate Microsoft as much as the next dues-paying FSF member, but "Use this FOSS office suite! It's great, as long as you never exchange files with anyone else!" does not work. I also believe in what the Replicant (FOSS smartphone) project is trying to do, but Replicant lacks so many essential drivers that any Replicant device is worthless, strictly inferior to feature phones from 2002 and with a lower battery life. I believe in what LibreJS does, but for example I can't find a bank or credit union that will let me do online banking without non-free JS. So LibreJS should exist, but not get much promotion.

I don't see the problem with this. I often like older design better than newer ones, because the older ones have matured enough to be stable, and they often use less resources. should not be written to appeal to people like you and me, it's got to appeal to the people who don't already believe in FOSS and don't have a hard-earned appreciation for minimalist web page aesthetics.

Is the FSF trying to make a FOSS cult, or a FOSS world? Because everything they're doing seems geared towards the former. The people that don't already understand what they stand for and agree with them face too many obstacles to join them.