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kropotkin wrote (edited )

It seems to me like Linus Torvalds's continued successful development of the Linux kernel pretty much inherently proves this whole article wrong. And it's a slanderous travesty that this article flirts with acting like he's some sort of reactionary or racist. He's not. He's just a salty old bastard.

It's absurd to bring privilege into the argument too. Writing code is a privilege. If you have the free time and inclination to write FOSS code, for no compensation, then you are already privileged.

And the shit about defending Google? Please! It's fucking Google. Corporations are not your friends. Why do I care about their fee fees?

Honestly? Everything written in the article is comfortable liberal "sure we can be radical but let's be nice about it" bullshit.


josefStallman wrote

This was posted here yesterday, and I hold to what I had to say.


fturco wrote

Sorry for the mistake. I can't understand how to check for duplicates in Raddle. I'm new here. On Reddit you can do that.


josefStallman wrote

No worries! I don't think that's possible at the moment, so its not a big deal.


fturco wrote (edited )

OK. Perhaps I should have searched with Google: "the open source community has no place for disrespect".