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Hello, raddlers! I hope this is the right place, wasn't sure where else to post. Just need to air my grievances, so to speak. I've been a reddit user for a while, and I love reddit, it's great. This site is also great. I decided to venture to other alternatives and I've found some pretty nasty stuff (racism, homophobia, white supremacy, etc)

My first alternative was I'm not against the site, everyone's entitled to say whatever they feel like. I saw some pretty gross words used. I wasn't able to join, because my browsers wouldn't let me, but moving on.

My second alternative I decided to try was Ruqqus. I like Ruqqus, not a bad site. I joined, but in doing so, I'm pretty sure that was my first mistake. I didn't explore the community names or anything before joining, which was my second mistake. My third mistake was exploring the community guilds or whatever they are called. I saw the N-word used a lot, lots of white power/white supremacist bullshit.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. Like I said, I needed to air some grievances. What do you think? Do you speak out when you see gross words or even hateful speech? How would you feel if you were on a site like Ruqqus, and you saw hateful speech or vitriol?



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ziq wrote (edited )

No one here would be on ruqqus. Is this an ad?


celebratedrecluse wrote


I withdraw participation from those sort of places, only lurking to gain useful information. Usually, any sort of call-in is laughed at, call-outs are replied to with doxxing/bans, and never is the central premise that some things shouldn't be said because of their consequences, ever considered seriously.

They are only useful as terrain of weaponry to obtain against my enemies.