DJVU a usable format?

Submitted by tnstaec in freeAsInFreedom

Has anyone had luck finding readable DJVU files or a good reader application? Whenever I open one in Calibre it's a garbled mess. It would be nice to have a non-proprietary alternative to PDF.


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josefStallman wrote

PDF 2.0 and beyond has no proprietary software, I don't know what the problem is.


zorblax wrote (edited )

djview is pretty good.

But, DJVU is not a good replacement for PDF. It's a raster format. EPUB is a far better replacement, and even then it's only good for a subset of what PDF is good for.


Mullvaden wrote

I've only seen it used for scanned old maps, worked pretty good for that.


mftrhu wrote

Not much luck, I encountered maybe one-two DJVU files in the wild and wouldn't even know what software use for them off the top of my head - while, well, PDF viewers are even available in the browser.

And AFAIK PDF is already an open format/standard.


4t0m wrote

I used Zathura that one time I needed to read a DJVU file.


lambda wrote

From what I've seen in the past, DjVu files are all scanned books and similar things. They're essentially the lowest fidelity you'll get unless you OCR the text.


fturco wrote

I don't think Djvu is a replacement for PDF.