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Some people like to buy a new car, and smell the horrible carcinogens. The sweetness tells them, I am secure.

I like to review audit and improve the security practices i engage with. The knowledge of my critique and process tells me, I am secure.



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Hibiscus_Syrup wrote

I'm curious about whether your practices prevent you from participating in meaningful political actions.

In my case, it's not possible to have much security culture at a tech level, because nobody else does.


celebratedrecluse OP wrote

what would be meaningful?


Hibiscus_Syrup wrote

I think that's something only you can answer for yourself, but what I have in mind is forms of solidarity with people who have significantly less resources.


celebratedrecluse OP wrote (edited )

Sure, I just don't send them the SMS. I go and see them at the camp.

so few will do that, because of their sickness: the fear of being sick. They think others are dirty, so they glide by in their cars

For example, ditching cell phones has the upshot of making them available to people whose device got smash by the police, soaked in water, whatever. Anonymity pursuits, they promote the sharing economy when done correctly, in my opinion.