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masque wrote (edited )

I release a lot of my personal projects on github, but it's not like anyone uses any of them so I haven't had to deal with lots of demand to maintain them yet. I feel like I ought to start contributing to open source software, but my experience is all academic or related to small personal projects so I worry that I don't have the right skills to help with "proper" open source.


kore wrote

in my experience testing stuff that others write is a great way to get your feet wet in large open source projects. it also very much helps to be motivated by something you want in the software. the first mental hurdle of reading enough code so you can understand enough to make a change is hard, but it gets easier from there. most people are glad for the help, and if you really give it an honest effort people are tolerant of mistakes.


FuckCopyright wrote (edited )

I would hope the impact I create with the code I write will be enough reward for me, but of course I will not be immune to burn out. Open source code does need to be kept alive or else we have big companies and other insidious organizations using their opacity against us.

I wish I could support other open source projects too but I'm living on zero income that isn't government benefits. I'll need those benefits to move out or something.


eutral wrote

it's tough to get new devs to join on. we've had a little luck with tagging things as 'good first issues'. they're small easy wins and end up being great intros to the project.

imo a largest barrier is getting someone to have the codebase running locally. there is a world of work that can still possibly be done to help the dev experience.


[deleted] wrote


eutral wrote

hey! imo any help is useful. comment on tickets and offer ideas, designs, insights. coding ends up just being a part of the overall work.

many open source projects don't have an exact roadmap like a company might, it ends up being a developer things some feature may be neat and fun to build.

a lot of times building something that works is fine, the maintainer or another open source dev can come around and cleanup or optimize if needed.

being said every project is different. there is a ton of stuff out there though! try and find a chat server and ask around! people would love more involvement