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yeepyorp wrote

HOLY SHIT i saw this earlier but this looks super cool!!!!! when my phone breaks and i switch to linux it'll be awesome! i really hope it's affordable, and i didn't see that the hardware is open source, so i hope that's the case.


kropotkinsbeard wrote

I wouldn't get this phone unless you are interested and able to actively develop the phone. I got it thinking it could replace my broken android. Phone calls often won't make it through to you and if they don't make it through the caller usually won't get sent to voicemail either. There is no support for MMS so no group texting of sending of images. Getting an mms can also delay you recieving an SMS. I still can't get the camera app to work or gps. The default web browser is unusable and firefox is laggy. Battery drain is really wonky and usually the phone won't make it a whole day without being charged. Because it is in alpha sometimes updates can be catastrophic too. I had to use a ARM architecture emulator on my laptop to allow me to chroot into the phone to fix it on more than one occasion. Heck the first day I had the phone it crashed everytime I would unlock it and I had to flash a new image to the phone just to be able to get past the lockscreen.

I am not saying this to disparage the project in anyway. It is a really cool project and I am really excited for the future of the project. I got overly excited about a linux phone so I failed to connect the dots that community edition really means an alpha state phone intended for coders in the respective mobile linux community. So I want to prevent people from making my same mistake and thinking that it is (or is intended to be) a daily driver.