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The Godot Game Engine, at is a free and open-source game engine (MIT license). I've been interested in game development for a while and found it back in December 2017 or so. It can be used for both 2D and 3D games, and it has a lot of features overall - one of my favorites is the animation system, since it's very flexible and lets you synchronize pretty much anything with the animations, such as function calls. Back in early 2019 or so, I would have said that the main drawback was the lack of documentation and tutorials - I haven't done much gamedev in general since then, but I've looked around in the past few months and it's already improved a ton. TBH, I just wanted to gush about it and hopefully find someone else who uses it :)



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lastfutures wrote

I've played around with it a bit. I found the documentation & tutorials quite good.


masque wrote

I've been considering learning Godot. I'm not super into game dev, but I've done the occasional game jam and I'm kinda interested in learning something a bit more serious than Phaser.


Bezotcovschina wrote

I've tried it. Was confused a lot, because I was used to Unity3d. I'm looking forward to give it another try, it's certainly something I want to get familiar with.