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Spectre wrote

I'd prefer capitalism die so we wouldn't need ads, cryptocurrencies or get harassed by spammers, to be honest.


zorblax wrote

Yes. Ads are annoying, and I can block crypto miners the same way I block ads.

Also, having many machines mining helps the redundancy of blockchain networks.


josefStallman wrote

Entirely? No, I don't think so. Not for big websites like facebook or google because they'd find some way to make it still track you, but for things like the pirate bay or distrowatch or other organizations whos' business model doesn't require tracking their users, I'd support that.


notanaccout wrote

The best would be opt-in (or opt-out) mining to help the hosting costs. Plus it'll catapult crypto currency into the spotlight and imo anonymous decentralized currencies might be better than state-owned (or private) currencies.


mftrhu wrote

I'm conflicted.

On one hand, less ads -> less tracking to serve me tailored ads, less loading dozens of resources, less videos in autoplay, the money goes straight to the site I use and not to Google/Facebook/whatever.

On the other hand, running CPU-intensive processes on the browser is not a smart idea and what usually leads me to killing it as it hogs all my resources and makes my laptop overheat.

Tentatively, I'm going to say that I prefer mining over ads, slightly. I'm still going to block everything and whitelist, and I'd prefer if there was an easy way to get/make anonymous micro-donations.


Mullvaden wrote

No, I trust cryptocapitalists even less than regular capitalists.