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mftrhu wrote

I was talking a few weeks ago with a friend of mine about how the accessibility software on Linux (and, according to him, Android compared to iOS) is subpar even when it actually works.

I don't quite know every problem he had, but he talked about how he was unable to use mobile mouse apps to control his computer from his phone.


Flanders wrote (edited )

This is probably the most crucial of the thread so far.

I found this article on Google; its “Linux accessibility could be much better” section highlights several issues, but overall it seems too positive.


mftrhu wrote

I read that article (BTW, you link needs s|https//|https://|, you dropped a colon) but while there are quite a few tools available, especially for the sight-impaired, they are not enough - and not that user-friendly - for people whose mobility is really reduced (one hand, not full extension).


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Years ago (maybe 2012), I had spoken to someone who has a disability and they said that apple was the only one that created accessibility features that work for them after they tried linux. It sucks for them if apple is the one that has a lead on this. Is it still the case?


mftrhu wrote

He is indeed using Apple, he was looking to buy a used MacBook just last month after his old one gave up the ghost - he had problems both with easy set-up of mobile mouse (borked with iOS->Ubuntu, and KDE Connect is still Android-only AFAIK), and the fact the screen on iOS pulls down to allow him to access the top icons (while Android just sort-of shrinks in the middle, and getting it to work properly with custom ROMs is complex).


Flanders wrote

I attended a lecture on accessibility last year, as part of a web development course. The speaker briefly demonstrated built-in accessibility features on macOS and compared them to clunkier third-party alternatives on Windows.


boringskip wrote

Came for this. I had a blind bff, she says Orca doesn't hold a candle to Jaws, and Jaws ain't cheap. Like $600+. Luckily most people get it free from the Braille Institute but getting an updated version is like pulling teeth. Also took me forever to find a recent cracked version due to low demand.