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a_perfect_map OP wrote (edited )

Hard to say how bad exactly but hardware backdoors are a problem for the average user, as, like any unpatched exploit, criminals have started exploiting them remotely.

Yeah the tech industry hates women, bunch of jerks really. I don't get it. And you're right, there's this problematic white male dominance in tech in general. Silicon Valley are a bunch of sociopaths too IMO, really toxic place.

Fundamental computational education is pretty bad in the US relative to say, India, I think that's a big barrier too.

Cool on coreboot, that contains mystery binary blobs but its a big improvemnt I'm sure.

Old laptop project? How about a dedicated I2P router? Or, depending on your location, a mesh network node? At any rate, I think an open firmware router would be very useful.

Pinebook looks pretty sweet too!