Let's contribute to Freedoom

Submitted by elyersio in freeAsInFreedom (edited )

What Freedoom needs:

  • Map bugfixing

  • A good story

  • A few missing sound effects?

  • Some sprites need to be improved

  • Consistency

I've contributed by submitting wakeup, pain, and death sounds for the Final Boss of Phase 2. And I'd like to contribute more, if I can learn mapping and spriting.

So what do you think would improve Freedoom?

Edit: Let's consider: Sprites for the Flame Bringer. The Flame Bringer is a being that brings other monsters to life and also attacks you by projecting (flames) on you for a few seconds, then damaging you seriously. The only way to avoid this attack is to hide behind something.

The Flamebringer's sprite is currently a magical red skeleton with a sword. This is ungood, since most Freedoom creatures are alien in nature.

My idea is to turn it into a robot which brings monsters to life with a device, and with the same device scans you, fails to verify you, targets your weak spots/organs, and damages you. We'll call it the Android.



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sudo wrote

Is it possible to modify the controls so moving your mouse forward and backward doesn't make you walk forward and backward? I use the W and S keys to move forward and backward - the mouse part trips me up. If it isn't possible to do without modifying the source code, I'll see if I can contribute that part.


emma wrote (edited )



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elyersio OP wrote

Depending on which source port you use, just go into settings and turn on mouselook. Then you can look up and down with the mouse.


Mullvaden wrote

I can also recommend two similar projects in the same vein, Blasphemer and Zauberer which are Heretic and Hexen replacement IWADs.

If you're not familiar with those games they also use a Doom-like engine with some additions. I've made some small contributions to Zauberer but development moves at a glacial pace and is not in a playable state yet. There is only a concept PWAD available and it could really use more assets so people can start mapping.