Arroyo Deathmatch - "Urban Graves for Fetal Sharks" arroyodeathmatch.bandcamp.com

Submitted by GrimWillow in folkpunk


This shit happened to my dad, on a pedestal he was sacrificed, for outing the US government, for improperly disposing of nuclear waste, they took away his livelihood and name, for trying to do what’s right. I watched the once strong man I knew, disappear into the night.

Urban graves for fetal sharks, the competition ate up all parts. locked and lost in the dark, the illusion of strength was a farce. unable to see in mirror shards, the reflection was that of my father lost.

Our poorly buried mistakes, haunt us from shallow graves, like the weight of regret, sitting on my father’s chest. Each labored breath, a wound in an exposed neck. Even at our best we can’t refrain, from drinking blood again.

When honesty becomes treason, a civilization deserves to fall. When the truth becomes a reason, to build another wall.

We have decided collectively, that corrupt institutions, are more important than the people that serve them, or the society they’re meant to serve.

from the album "Through the Fear of It", released January 18, 2014


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