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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

I miss my old extensions, and they`ve probably alienated their main audience (developers, more tech-savy people)-- but wow, this is really speedy and snappy compared to before.
Oh, and the redesign is bland, and has zero unique aspects to it.
Still, really fast.
EDIT: Also, WebASM? Jesus bloody csdkjsldfsdf why


josefStallman wrote

Every one of my extensions save noscript has been ported already, and there's actually an about:config tweak you can do to get legacy extensions running.

I agree with the redesign being rather meh, but the new theme engine should mean that you have more options to make it look better.

WebASM seems like a security nightmare tbh, but Mozilla is generally pretty good about stuff like that. I'm sure there'll be a WebASM blocker soon.


jadedctrl wrote

I'm scared that WebASM will gain popularity and replace Javascript. Most JS is proprietary, but we can at least see it, and unminify sometimes-- with WebASM, it is completely and utterly a proprietary black-box.