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selver wrote (edited )

A lot of people use this logic to say sites like Raddle are dangerous.

But is the logic wrong or just inconvenient?

Establishment media & politicians have been really angling for wide scale censorship for a while now.


leftous wrote

But is the logic wrong or just inconvenient?

It is the same as the logic that says guns cause violence. Social media is like a weapon in the sense that it can exacerbate issues, but I wouldn't call it the cause. The systemic issues that lead to hatefulness, violence, xenophobia, etc will still be present regardless of how regulated Facebook is.

The angling has been going on for a while. But in this case Facebook would serve as a catalyst since it will establish a pretense to crackdown on anybody who dares to "incite" online (however you define that).


selver wrote

Obviously I'm against any of the censorship, but I'm not convinced that there's no truth to the idea that ideological filtering & echo chambers can lead to extreme beliefs. We're only like a decade, if that, into seeing what the information overload of social media does to people. Having a device on you at all times, with a little world in it where everyone agrees with & normalizes your beliefs that perhaps no one you know irl holds, while completely disconnected from the physical body, from legitimate human relationships, and so on, must have some unique effects (or at least unique in their severity).