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107a OP wrote

No it isn't. The moment any anarchist puts their faith in the state, they've stopped being an anarchist. State socialists aren't anarchists.


BeanFormat wrote

Personally I think saying someone isn't an anarchist for failing to satisfy some kind of anarchist orthodoxy seems kind of inconsistent with anarchism.

There are elements of existing heirarchies that i think communities are unprepared to replace in the short term, and for some voting looks like a way to try to manage those elements for erstwhile survival. I sure as hell don't like to be told that I should be out voting for Democrats, and it's in no way anarchistic to do so, but I wouldn't fault anyone who felt that voting a certain way was connected to their survival - unless it manifestly wasn't - and i think anarchism is doomed if we restrict it to people who pass a purity test

Going to work and participating in capitalism is inconsistent with anarchist orthodoxy but I do it because currently it serves for my survival better than any alternative I have access to. My survival and security & that of the people in my community is more important to me than meeting the criteria for being an anarchist

That said, the subject of this post posted in an anarchist sub urging people to vote blue. That's unequivocally electoralism and electioneering. It's also fucking gross and stupid. I won't say they're not an anarchist out of hand but for fuck's sake read the room.