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Styx wrote

You can't cooperate with other people without a form of governmental forum to assemble the people so they can decide how to apply resources to achieve community goals and reach a consensus.

Why do these types find it impossible to even imagine that people can find agreements without fucking councils and assemblies? Or when they can't, they each go their own way??


moonlune wrote (edited )

Maxplaining huehuehue 👽


ziq wrote (edited )

Lol the mods removed the answer because they exposed the trot. Trots make a habit of posing as anarchists to spread propaganda.

I don't really follow why what they linked to proves they're a trot though. Is it a trot subreddit?


Potkea OP wrote

I'm not C_Z.

They did link to a trot subreddit, SocialistAlternative is a trot party.