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ziq OP wrote

Anarchy is not opposition to all heirarchies. Its opposition to unjust heirarchies. Natural and just heirarchies exist. Being against all heirarchies is just what left anarchists say they are to claim themselves as the only true anarchists. It's childish, and they should stop.

Anarcho-Amurican unity.


moonlune wrote

Well, using chomsky's definition of anarchy, they're right...


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Stating the opinion of "right anarchists are not real anarchists" as a fact is dogmatic.

Alright, goddamn, I'll just preface this statement with "in my opinion" in the future so that it magically changes the sentiment of what I'm saying.

Or maybe I'll just keep stating it as a fact like I've been doing. What are they gonna do, move into my neighborhood en masse and use state structures to get their tax breaks?