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CaptainACAB wrote

I'm always seeing that talking point and if there's a refutation that involves defining civilization, I invariably see something about the definition being poor or some other argument that amounts to defining civilization as some force of good or a neutral thing co-opted by evil forces (the latter I see from communists trying to refocus on Capitalism. The cowards.).

Is there some sort of standard definition for civilization that exists that I'm supposed to point to every time I want disparage civilization on a forum populated primarily by anti-civ types? Because I don't wanna have to fucking do that, the pro-civs should start following the practices, and therefor the definitions, of the majority when they come here; it's what their precious civilization's been making "the out-group" do since its existence.

Anyone from, like, the civilizations of the Aztec empire or ancient Egypt is more than welcome to come here and inform us of the benefits and longevity of civilization, but the fanatics of the current era of Western Civilization can fuck off since we all currently have to live under the yoke of the consequences of the Enlightenment.