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Brothers, sisters, non-binary siblings, it's no secret that most anarchists don't vote, indeed many seem proud of that fact. They see it as pointless, or even playing into the hands of the state. To put it bluntly, this is pretty stupid, it deprives you of the little power you have and only reinforces the stereotype that leftists are spoiled suburban white kids.

people see us as spoiled suburban kids just wanting to rebel against their parents

Identity politics + white guilt + projection = success?

If you just shrug and claim "both sides are the same" when one side is putting children in concentration camps and the other side is trying to get those camps shut down, then you are part of the problem

hmmm... Biden moves to send migrants to Guantanamo Bay

I know that many of you are hoping for some sort of glorious revolution where we free the proletariat and destroy capitalism overnight but real life is more boring and complex than that. Even Marx wrote that the transition from capitalism had to happen on its own and you can't force it.

Wow, even Marx supported propping up the state? Now I'm definitely going to vote for your fave far right war criminal!

All we can do is try and reform to get things closer to our ideal world, one step at a time.

Yes, all we can do is vote for the child murderer with the politest demeanor. Anarchy FTW.

Liberal democracy is not ideal, but it's leagues better than feudalism, fascism, or theocracy, at least this way we have some basic rights and the ability to change things for the better without violence.

TIL anarchy is when you vote for 'change'.

We may not agree with liberals on economics, but at least they understand that concentration camps and rape are bad.


Biden vowed to close a border migrant camp, then a worse one emerged under his watch

Joe Biden Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Senate Aide In 1993

So if you're American, you need to register to vote and show up next month. If you're not, you still need to participate in your local elections. You have a small amount of power. It's up to you if you want to give it up or use it to help yourself, others, and your cause.

Participating in selecting which rapist war criminal gets to rule you is 'power' and if you won't participate, you're foolishly choosing not to help your cause. Because your cause is to assist the state's agenda, apparently. Because the state totally works for you.



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Flute wrote

if we all actually turned out and voted for our preferred candidates, we could have actual leftists as senators, governors, maybe even president, we could have an actual say in how things were run

wow, can't wait to 'have an actual say' when subjugated by my new masters in red


lettuceLeafer wrote

This reminds me of the contrapoints voting video. I remeber it making me really mad everytime I watched it. It was basically if the person you were responding to made a 20 minute ling video being condescending to you and then portraying you as a rich suburban college student who is just mad that they couldn't vote for Bernie.

Now I just got even more annoyed about that but bc all my complaints about how the video was bs were right.

Not that I'm saying I'm only upset about how Biden a rule bc it proved contra point wrong. It was a magnitudes far smaller thing. It just reminded me I this thread a fuck ton.