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mike425 wrote

The perpetrators of my harassment would often attempt to misconstrue my use of cannabis as the underlying source of what I was experiencing. My own family held the laughable delusion that everything I was describing would go away if I merely stopped consuming cannabis.

For example, I would hear intense spikes of ultrasonic noise upon merely turning on my Volcano, or from sitting in front of the vaporizer and grinding flower and prepping the screened chamber for use, before consuming the vapor.

This behavior was an attempt to manipulate me away from consuming cannabis, with the implication that the harassment would stop if I stopped vaporizing.
The juxtaposition was also an attempt to convince third parties, neighbors, and responding authorities that what I was experiencing was being caused by the psychoactive I was consuming, when that was a blatant falsehood and an attempt to victim blame someone that was merely consuming a substance of which the perpetrators disapproved. No doubt the perpetrators successfully painted themselves as "trying to help", when they were knowingly attempting to cast doubt about their own harassment tactics.

Considering that I reside in the recreational cannabis legalized state of Washington, this behavior would seem to implicate federal authorities and/or backwards religious followers, as my consumption was both legal and ethical.

I have abstained from cannabis use for months as of 6/2018, and as I've always insisted, nothing has changed in regards to my harassment, so I will be resuming my cannabis vaporization and consumption. Upon writing this paragraph I was hit with an intense ultrasonic spike of noise.

Upon reading this, one should see that the perpetrators/operators of these technologies have created false data points in relating cannabis consumption to schizophrenia. When the technological means to harass cannabis consumers with manufactured auditory illusions exists, clinical psychologists are being fooled into believing there's a link between purported "auditory hallucinations" and THC, when there is clear data tampering taking place.
Future psychological studies involving cannabis must be conducted in electromagnetically shielded facilities, or their results and correlations must be thrown out. The other option is to remove cannabis from DEA scheduling, as it is currently being used to justify outrageous systematic behavior.