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mike425 wrote

Random bystanders and third parties within proximity of a target, can themselves be temporarily/one-off targeted by the neurofeedback/psychotronics network's electromagnetic pulses, to generate a real-time auditory illusion, where the bystander or third party hears a fabrication, coming from the direction of the target (using DSP head-related transfer functions -- most home audio/video receivers have "SRS" capability built-in, and many video games use "QSound" -- which essentially gives the perpetrators a full 3D field of sound to work with, while only requiring two channels, an individual's left and right cochlea), with content that is intended to incite violence, fear, or reputation undermining, because the bystander is expected to confront a target with what they heard, or relay what they heard to their friends/family/associates.

Most people have no knowledge or exposure to these technologies, so they are unable to understand that what they heard, did not, in fact, come from a target's vocal cords -- and they did hear it, as it was evoked with electromagnetic pulses targeted at their cochlea, creating real incoming audio in their auditory cortex (even though it was completely manufactured by technology).
This is not a hallucination, even though no one else could hear it (yet sometimes multiple bystanders are targeted at once, and would be able to back up the other 'ear witness', when again, the target did not utter anything in reality).

For example, if a target was silently walking down the sidewalk, and passed by a muscular individual who belonged to an ethnicity/creed that historically had tensions with the target's own ethnicity/creed -- the muscular individual could be made to hear (via precise electromagnetic pulses) an ethnic slur coming from the direction of the target (usually over the shoulder, where they can't reasonably see the target's mouth not moving), with the operators/perpetrators hoping that the manufactured transgression would be enough to escalate to a violent confrontation, where they expect bodily harm to come to the target.