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mike425 wrote

Whether or not a target is speaking or silent, the perpetrators have the means to MITM/MOTS the monitored neurofeedback channel, and create what they purport to be a target's speech or pre-speech (which can in reality be extracted via a remote neurofeedback/psychotronics network, however what is supplied to VIPs is usually heavily doctored), or wholly fabricated if there are sufficient audio samples to work with, which is far more common as it's far more damaging to the target's reputation, as literally any input string can be claimed to come from the target.

For example, an operator/perpetrator could demonstrate to a VIP, that a target is being 'monitored', while in reality, what is being peddled as the target's pre-speech (or 'thoughts'), is actually being fabricated by an intelligent program, that creates an 'internal monologue' from the surrounding environment, where an everyday action such as turning your head to look at a dog passing by, would evoke an impersonated MITM 'pre-speech' audio output of something absurd and intensely offputting like "I'd like to smell that dog's butthole", when in reality, the target has thought nothing at all, or perhaps "I had a dog that looked just like that", which was replaced in real-time.