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mike425 wrote

In the context of having remote neural monitoring tampered with, which could be described as a neurofeedback/psychotronics abuse triangle (or hinged V topology) -- where a target is one corner (or hinge), remote monitoring operators are a second corner (or first spoke), and a tampering perpetrator is the third corner (or second spoke):
Often attempted when a target is viewing television, a movie, or other media that can be pre-processed, a third party perpetrator will use discreet electromagnetic pulses to stimulate a target's sex organs, at intensely inappropriate moments in the show/film/advertising, in order to claim sexual arousal (where none is present in reality), which is intended to tamper with the remote telemetry and give those monitoring the impression that a target is sexually attracted to a set of themes, which are selected specifically because they are widely repulsive and reputation destroying.

For example, by cataloging precisely when a character is brutally murdered in a series, a tampering third party perpetrator would choose to electromagnetically pulsate a target's sex organs right when the death happens on screen, leading those that are remotely monitoring (and seemingly unaware of the tampering) to believe that the target has a pronounced snuff fetish, which has been wholly fabricated.