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mike425 wrote

Most often this tactic is used when there is a floor or wall between the target and another occupied room, and the target is vocalizing a sequential list.
Markov chains have essentially been weaponized into automatic misconstrual generators, giving the capability of creating the illusion of a target addending a list of items with vile, ridiculous, and damaging fabricated suffixes.
For example, if you were responding that you "only have a couple speeding tickets" on your record, the input string (via BCI) is recognised as a good candidate for the addition of "..and I founded a cult, and built a doomsday device", or whatever addition is deemed to be the most caustic to the target's reputation, given the intended audience.
The illusion is manufactured to sound like the target was merely continuing their thought with some additions, while the additions were wholly fabricated, and covertly delivered to the unsuspecting bystander via neurofeedback network.

The intent is to get the target to defend themselves from "what the neighbor is hearing", and the overall process attempts to generate vocal outbursts and unrest from auditory illusions generated from covert electromagnetic pulses. The outbursts are then used to insinuate that the target has a guilty conscience about any subject of the perpetrators choosing.
For example, you hear your neighbor "talking about xyz", while in reality they have not said a thing -- you have been goaded into saying "xyz" with no apparent precursor, which is highly suspicious to any observer.