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mike425 wrote

Q: What did targets do to deserve this?

A: That reaction is called victim blaming, and assumes that targets of these technologies must have committed some heinous act that would authorize the perpetrators to use these psychological warfare capabilities.

When I began experiencing the described technologies, I had a single speeding ticket on my record, and zero private activities that any rational person would consider illegal or unethical.
I suspect that cannabis consumption may play a role in target selection, due to reports from other targets, and the federal scheduling and provisions in the Gun Control Act. I'm in the cannabis legalized state of Washington, and am unwilling to permanently abstain due to anonymous covert threats, and all of my firearms were obtained legally through a FFL before I starting legally consuming cannabis, meaning I've never lied on the 4473.

Even given the above, which doesn't apply to many targets, anyone that thinks that someone deserves to be essentially tortured with the described technologies, merely from being on the wrong watch lists, or by offending the wrong person, with no legal recourse to be removed from said lists or social circles, can kindly go hang themselves and make the world a better place.