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mike425 wrote

Q: Isn't this schizophrenia or hallucinations?

A: This subreddit is describing sophisticated electromagnetic technologies used for psychological warfare, and while the perpetrators often attempt to mask the technologies by mimicking existing mental illnesses for deniability, targets experience remote synthetic telepathy and EEG cloning that is defeated with electromagnetic shielding, and not hallucinations that come from within their own brain that could be treated with medication.

When you consider that there are readily available products such as the audio spotlight that can allow one person to hear an audio channel that others cannot, and multiple patents regarding microwave hearing, and hundreds of microwave emitters around most population centers, there clearly exists the technological means to evoke auditory illusions that only specific people can hear.

Some that are reading this information for the first time experience such intense cognitive dissonance that they are eager to dismissively discard this information, or blame it away with mental illness, as it conflicts with their delusion that capabilities like these are too cruel to be built.