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Submitted by mike425 in emshielding

Consider that applying a particular material only protects against one segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is the reason why I advocate for using broad-spectrum defeating materials, and the layering of symbiotic materials. If you were to apply an RF shielding paint on a room's walls, that might only attenuate 1MHz-300GHz, but not lower frequency, longer wavelength sources. By only shielding against one part of the spectrum, you could be effectively creating a better controlled lab environment for your perpetrators.

When you apply shielding materials to a room or project, you are playing the part of the physician. If you were to incorrectly diagnose yourself as suffering from the wrong part of the electromagnetic spectrum, you could end up doing unintended damage to yourself, if you then turned around, and only bought shielding products that blocked the wrong part of the spectrum -- perhaps still allowing the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum through, that are truly doing the harm to your brain and body. However now, with the aid of a lower-noise environment, could more damage be done in a shorter amount of time?


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