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TheGingerNut wrote

I main Wii fit trainer and Jigglypuff. Now playing the female wiifit trainer was odd enough, but what really should have been a sign was watching hungrybox clips, hearing him refer to puff with male pronouns and going "you fucking wot mate? She's pink. She's cute. She has a femminine voice. What about her makes you think he? Are you so insecure in your masculinity that you refuse to acknoledge you play a femminine character? Can you not project your gender onto your character for 2 seconds? (Ah the irony)"

My favourite skin was the one where she has a cute little pink bow. For cis reasons.


1_ris wrote

I mean, puff can be both sexes and does not have sexual dimorphism, so it's 50/50. On the other hand, Pikachu's tail is different if it's male or female, and I think they're both represented in the game.

Btw, child link (my main) is the best: botw link is goals for every gender, child link hasn't gone through puberty yet, and he, supposedly male, is voiced by a woman.


TheGingerNut wrote

Acually having boys voiced by women is pretty common in the industry. Bart simpson for example.


strangejune wrote (edited )

Aw, this is the last place I expected to see a Smash Ultimate reference. I used to play competitively and I'm just so disappointed in the game. This brings up some sad feelings in me, I miss playing it.

Anyway, we can be weird together. I main Kirby, because he's fun. Since Kirby is referred to with masculine pronouns, I am officially Still Cis Tho.


Silicosis1 wrote

What should I do in Minecraft? Its "creator" is a transphobe but refers to one of the main characters using they/them pronouns.


JavaPython1815 wrote

Ignore Notch. Microsoft does. They scrubbed his name from the code and the credits. They’ve added randomized text to the startup splash page that says things like “You’re valid”. It may be a cynical cash grab, but for better or for worse Mojang caters to LGBTQ+ people.


Shave_Your_Eyebrows OP wrote

Well what you should do is Punch a tree, craft wood, make a pickaxe, mine stone, get a stone axe, chop more wood, get 3 wool and coal, then make a house and bed, sleep, mine, make a furnace, cook the meat from the sheep and smelt any iron, repeat until a full set of iron armour and tools, find diamonds, make diamond pickaxe, mine obsidian, go the nether, get shot into lava by a Ghast™, die then quit the game


RoseFridge wrote

SMASHY BROS!!!! king k rool the goat