Global Poverty - A proper conceptual and statistical understanding

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I thought I'd make a post that has the important stats on Global Poverty summarized.

By using a conceptually sound International Poverty Line (IPL)...

If we want to stick with a single international line, we might use the “ethical poverty line” devised by Peter Edward of Newcastle University. He calculates that in order to achieve normal human life expectancy of just over 70 years, people need roughly 2.7 to 3.9 times the existing poverty line. In the past, that was $5 a day. Using the bank’s new calculations, it’s about $7.40 a day. As it happens, this number is close to the average of national poverty lines in the global south.

...the data reveals the following about Global Poverty:

  • As of 2015, there were 4.2 billion people living in poverty globally. This means that in 2015, there were 1 billion more people living in poverty compared to 1980.

  • Proportionally speaking 67% of the world's population was living in poverty in 1980. As of 2015, 57% of the world's population was living in poverty. So in 35 years, the proportion of people living in poverty dropped by 10%.

  • Based on the aforementioned bullet points, we can say that there has been a net increase in the number of people living in poverty between 1980 and 2015, by 260 million.


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