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TrueHeart wrote

Great story and funny asf. I've never tried edibles myself so I can't relate sadly but I do smoke weed.


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rot wrote (edited )

there's probably better drugs than zoloft that work the same. I use it for mild anxiety/depression. prozac is stronger

also since Im here have you ever mixed zoloft and weed? you arn't supposed according to doctors and I found it has a weird effect. Almost opposite of the normal effect of the zoloft


betterletter wrote (edited )

[edit: some] weed and antidepressants dont mix. in general, people who say it will make your depression worse arent moralizing, theyre just speaking from experience. I tried smoking indica back while i was on antidepressants and it was one-and-done. made me hallucinate, paranoid af, just an all around awful experience. a month or two later i smoked (a lot less of) sativa and had a cup of coffee, went over fine. fun night.

that being said, if youre still going to do it, go with sativa, NOT indica. I'd also recommend waiting until you've been on wellbutrin for 6-8 weeks because that minimizes your risk of adverse effects.