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Hello! Someone send me this picture of "Drugs" but i'm note sure about this, can someone help me, and say me... is this true or not?



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moonlune wrote (edited )

probably not real


granite wrote

That is drugs. Must be research chemicals judging by the label on the baggie. What is it ? Carfentanil?


__0 wrote

Sorry... but... taking a photo of some dust in a baggie and asking if it's real drugs, you must be joking. I can identify that for you... it's definitely "something in a bag"


veuzi wrote

Looks like ash and some small bits of tobacco


Odin187er OP wrote

No you don‘t Unterstand… a man Send me This and say „Yeah, thats Drugs“… But… i‘m Not Sure about this. I ask Here, i don‘t like when This man Joking me