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So I found the coolest APK. It is called Radiate ( At first glance, one might think it is just another social media app for festival and rave kids alike to meet up and share things as you would on any other social media app. However, it becomes more interesting when you see straight up listings for narcotics. Using dead drop techniques, this app is truly one of its kind.

PS So I ordered a gram of ketamine. Escrow was available, used Monero (XMR) as the seller offered various formats of payment. Seller directed me to the dead drop zone. It was a security padlock for a vacant home. All I needed was the access code to the lock box, and voila! 1 gram of ketamine. It was actually of great quality.

This app and the deal went down in United States of America.



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moonlune wrote

Unrelated but do you use apkpure instead of google play? Why? Is it better?


granite OP wrote

Yes. A lot of APK out there that Google doesn't approve of. Plus, piece of mind. I don't need Google involved in every app on my phone. I liked FDroid, but their repositories are not updated as quickly as GooglePlayStore. Most APKs Google doesn't approve of are meant for niche users, whom check on updates themselves.


theremedyman wrote

I use fdroid. And aurora almost exclusively. But I'll look into this as well. Ty