Submitted by kinshavo in drugs

Object: Salvia divinorum + 10x

Dosage: 0.1g (?) (one-hitter pipe bowl)

Subject: baseline melancholy, mood joyful. Alcohol was ingested hours before the experience (six pack), no sexual abstention or fasting either (full vegetarian diet)

Report: I tried this batch knowing it wasn't standardized, so my first attempt following a somewhat "ritual procedure" failed. I ain't very experienced with this plant, so I stopped when I was not enjoying the smoke so much. Being a heavy hitter when I take joints didn't help it seems, the smoke needs some time to cool down inside the lungs.

Next night, I smoke recreationally without any pretentions after spending the Sunday afternoon drinking beer. Not the best choice. The vision started before I could make any sense, my bedroom decoration started to animate like an old Mickey Mouse cartoon or maybe one of those 30's swing jazz Walt Disney stuff that people love bc looks vintage. But took me a while to know where I was exactly sitting, I have the sentiment that my body was translocated to my living, to another chair, somehow I was in both places at once. Once I realized that I started my experience in my bedroom I walked to my living, to the other location to see that I wasn't there duplicated, but this action made me loose this dissociative state and the effects faded like a bad weed haze. I was so sleepy that I went straight to bed.

During the height of the experience I really felt bodiless and translocated at the same time, just for brief seconds probably. Not even close to something recalling a "Salvia Space" either



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