Guerrilla mesh network?

Submitted by ziq in distributed

I'm thinking repeaters could be set up on the sly, either plugged into out of the way outlets in buildings (with or without the owner's permission), or hooked up to batteries and small solar panels in trees / on roofs. They could even steal internet from open wifi points and repeat them to everyone connected.

What equipment could be utilised for this? It would need to be long range but low watt and weather proof.



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lookin4 wrote

Did you ever heard of Freifunk? It is a great grassroots-community consisting of great people with visionary ideas. The majority of their resources, including their wiki and mailing-list is indeed very motivating and inspiring, but unfortunately almost only available in german.

Maybe I can route some of the activists over here, to talk about your idea in this post or you try to get in touch with them via IRC, Mumble, mailing-lists. Probably the best way is by posting on mastodon, diaspora or elsewhere with the hashtag #freifunk - I am pretty sure you get an answer and a public conversation about this may result in a solid base for working on this idea in english and inclusively (not just for the ones subscribed to the lists, the ones online in the chat while you asked etc.)