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Hello everyone! We have a lot of news to cover, but I’m going to jump right into the thick of it: we’ve been working hard on a new federation (as well as client to server) standard called ActivityPub (formerly ActivityPump). We’ve made tremendous progress, and I was just recently at a face to face meeting at TPAC, the W3C’s big technical conference.
The good news: ActivityPub is aiming to hit Candidate Recommendation status by October 11th. (That’s less than a week away!) However, in order to enter that stage, we need your review! If you have any interest in the decentralized web, you can help. All you have to do is read the latest editor’s draft and provide feedback. (The earlier the better… maybe a fun weekend project?) You can do this by any of the following:

  • Post issues on the issue tracker (yes, I think it’s ironic and problematic that we’re using GitHub, I picked my battles here, whether right or wrong).
  • Email the social working group comments mailing list.
  • You can email me directly. Email cwebber AT dustycloud DOT org, and include “ActivityPub” in the subject. Note that I will be publishing your comments publicly, probably on the Social Working Group wiki!
    If you have feedback, we want to hear it! (From anyone, but especially from those who are interested in implementing ActivityPub!) Thank you!


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