[OC] "Death Road to Anarchy" game mod (detourned "Death Road to Canada") phantom.noblogs.org

Submitted by GrimWillow in detournement (edited )

The original game was filled to the brim with nationalist "canada" humor and pop culture references.

I did this way back on their V29, which isn't as far as along as their current build, so the original game is most likely a better game; except if you're like me, where anything Anarchist is already better. It's only more true that because we are getting capitalist/fascist expression spewed on us from every angle that form should always take a step back behind meaning in terms of judging the quality of artwork. Therefore my favorite genre will always be Anarchism.

I consider this project to be incomplete and I've accidentally included glitches while trying to make a mode where all the zombies are cops...

I managed to make 3 Anarchist secret characters, some new dialogue, and changed every reference to “Canada” to instead be a reference to an Anarchist collective in the North. Otherwise the characters and dialogue in this game are pop culture and video game references.

Things to do later, if you like it,

  • More Anarchist dialogue

  • More Anarchist events

  • More Anarchist secret characters

  • Make it gender non-binary

Edit: Also, I'm really sorry, it's a windows game...I run from a wine instance and it seems to work fine, but...I wish it wasn't winblows...



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Fossidarity wrote

Wow that's really nice as well! You're on a roll with making cool stuff..


ziq wrote (edited )

Damn you're making some diverse art.