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Hibiscus_Syrup OP wrote

I take it that the five of you who upvoted so far saw cats then?


Vulgar_Soda wrote

I love you, internet stranger! I would awkwardly crush on you if you were in my class. For now, I awkwardly crush on the name and words that appear on my screen~

There is no greater love than the love between strangers. I relish the love that exists at an eye's glance, a quick conversation while passing, a single message waiting in my inbox. I bask in those little moments when nothing and everything is possible. The mystery of the other, that limitless void of unknowing, is like the break between One Piece chapters. I live for that gap, between dreams and reality. Next week could be anything; the story limited only by the limits of imagination. You could be anything. You could be amazing, wonderful, perfect, flawed, the one. You could bring ruin, disease, destruction, joy, drama. You could remain a stranger. In the process of knowing an individual, hope constructs reality before reality allows for even the potential of hope.

I often think back to all my lovers, and the messy process that is falling in and out of love. Did I ever really love them? or did I love the person I built up in my head? There must be something wrong with me, in that I prefer the mystery to the person. People often disappoint. The next chapter never fully lives up to expectations. Yet, I always return for more. Always eager to see what comes next.

What would dating someone from raddle be like, I wonder?