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When it comes to a certain idea which I present myself as a Left Conservative, I think the statist alternative of such a view would be Trotskyism although it is a very problematic ideology in itself. Rather, it is a certain idea within Trotskyism that defines my idea of Left conservatism and that is known as Anti-Realism[1] or Impossibilism[2], a simple concept. Something that cannot happen under Capitalism, which is beneficial to social stability, can only happen under Socialism therefore it is the task of delineating what is impossible under Capital and therefore call it Socialism.

The problem of Trotskyism is that there is a limit to this idea however most trots do not have such an analogy thus creating Utopian visions of Socialism. I vehemently oppose such a view, although we have similar methods. So what is something that cannot occur under Capitalism but had happened in reality, something practical? To this end, we must return to the vision that created Trotskyism, the Left Opposition[3]. It was a formal group that grew in response to Stalinist hegemony in the Comintern which was inevitable because of the Right-Wing March of History[4]. The idea of the Left opposition is different from Stalin because of their critique of Lenin's NEP[5]. The difference here lies in a few ideas hinging on the continuation of War Communism but with new developments or a total state-run central plan. War Communism[6] may be a form of Full Mobilization but because of Hierarchical military privilege, expropriations from the poor peasantry, and the lack of adequate technological advancement, it failed spectacularly, what I am never stating is that it did not achieve its goals[7]. Unfortunately, it was a Pyrrhic Victory that led to Lenin instituting the NEP. His conception was similar to Plekhanov[8][9] in that the Capitalist Republic must come before actual socialism can happen, such as the same views of Mao[10].

We reject all of these ideas entirely. Firstly because Impossibilism states that if one were to have a late-stage Capitalist or Bourgeois revolution, social change would be credited to Capitalism[11][12]. Second, as we have seen in the past few decades, Capitalism would rise to the level of Absolute Realism[13] therefore all social change would happen within and only under Capitalism juxtaposing the Moral Proletarian High-ground being thought of in Socialist cultures[14]. Lastly, it disintegrates the idea of Socialist Society by highlighting semantic ideological differences to violent extremes[15][16][17]. Leon Trotsky[18] & Federica Montseny[19] TS=5:17 themselves highlight the idea of Solidarity despite ideological imparity by virtue of a Socialist society, a Culture opposing another Culture, or as she puts it "a pact of common struggle". This idea of Socialist Society against all ideas of one trumping the rest is a bedrock principle that can never be achieved under capitalist society.

As such a principle can never be accepted by the Laws of History the idea to do so — to collapse, split or purge — must constantly be combatted. That is the true essence of Full mobilization and the Culture War, as Culture degrades over time into a Right-ward march to self-annihilation, we must struggle all we can. The stabilization of such a struggle, not a total defeat of one socialist group over another, would mean victory and the goal of the revolution has finally occurred.



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