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b3yond OP wrote

The game would be self-hosted, so no central company would have to pay all the servers. If you like the game, it makes sense to start a server. How each server finances themselves is their own decision.

Some instances may run on autonomous server collectives, some will be donation-based... maybe someone even demands a fee per account, lol. There are enough admins who can spare 50€/month to run a server which they want to be used by people.


juliebean wrote

i'm really curious what rights that entails. i don't know enough (or anything really) about laws in saudi arabia, but i'd be surprised if it was anything more than a token gesture.

also, gods i wish people would stop trying to stuff robots in meat jackets. it never looks good. i barely look good in skin and i am in fact a human.


NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

Ever thought about people printing weapons? Not long ago I imagined some kind of blueprint system. You have a blueprint of something, and it's the only way to 3D print that item. Blueprints for weapons would be kept restricted by governments, but once and a while someone would leak one online.

Maybe I don't know how 3D printers work yet. I just speculated.


NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

Yes, I see cyberpunk everywhere, except there's no neon and light rain, just scorching sun and a miserable depressive life surrounded by computers running encrypted GNU/Linux installs and fiber optics cables crossing the house.

Perhaps it's less about the visual and more about the feels. I pretty much feel like the cities are harsh and cold environments where you try to survive avoiding eye contact. I've even found that security in these companies are pretty lack. People use their email and FB accounts through the work computers, which were pretty easy to get using a python keylogger in a USB stick. My life is 90% digital nowadays. That's all I talk about. Just kill me already.