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b3yond wrote (edited )

Well, I lived from soylent for 8 months, and rarely ate other stuff... felt pretty cyber, sitting in front of the screen, playing deus ex, feeding myself the energy powder.

did anyone else try it? It's pretty nice, and this recipe is even kind of delicious, if you are interested:


NEOalquimista wrote

Can I download the food for free? Can you upload it to Thanks. LOL I had to. Who knows, we might be downloading food and printing it soon.


ziq wrote

There are already some food replicators out there, it won't be long before everyone has one.


NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

Ever thought about people printing weapons? Not long ago I imagined some kind of blueprint system. You have a blueprint of something, and it's the only way to 3D print that item. Blueprints for weapons would be kept restricted by governments, but once and a while someone would leak one online.

Maybe I don't know how 3D printers work yet. I just speculated.