Track a cryptocurrency portfolio without even needing to make an account - total privacy poorboys.accountant

Submitted by poorboy in crypto

I've been into crypto for about 6 months and I became aware that many people were still using Google Sheets or an amalgamation of tools to keep track of their funds, or something like Blockfolio which requires an account and I've heard recently may not have the best policy when it comes to your privacy.

I'd been working on a tool for personal use, but I decided in light of this that anyone should be able to make use of it, so I'm hosting it over at https://poorboys.accountant

There are no ads, I don't care for your personal information, and I make no money from the site aside from donations.

This simply tracks any coin you enter (all coins on coinmarketcap.com are supported, even as they are added) and provides your totals and some additional information about each currency.

All data is stored directly in the URL and not saved to a server-side file (however as a necessity basic access logs are generated which include IP, URL and timestamp, but these will never be sold or shared with outside parties, I will only review these for site security purposes, and these logs are regularly deleted). To "save" your portfolio just copy/bookmark the URL itself, or I personally just recover this from Chrome's shared history (to get back to the same URL on mobile).


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