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autonomous_hippopotamus moderator wrote

Absolutely, and crypto-anarchism is about using cryptography to achieve anarchy. This isn't some altcoin enthusiasts club. I hope we can work here to expand the meaning of crypto-anarchism.

However, since 'crytpo' is now a meme, synonymous with crypto-currency, and falls under the category of cryptography in general. It is an appropriate topic for this group.It's also true that altcoins are becoming more and more ubiquitous, to the point where for some people it's necessary to have an altcoin wallet. So i encourage everyone to look into it and make informed decisions on the subject.

But yes, we should emphasize that we are not altcoin enthusiasts or even PRO crypto-currency. This is space is about cryptography in general and i encourage everyone to encrypt their chat, email, operating system, external storage, and everything else that can be encrypted. It's also useful to learn about analog cryptography.