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2018 KuCoin Invitation code = E3Ij79

KuCoin was the first exchange to list Red Pulse and the first to offer NEO trading pairs against other cryptocurrencies. They also pay out the NEO GAS to holders!

I've been incredibly impressed with KuCoin.com, it's a fast growing exchange, really easy to use and has been very proactive in getting a lot of the higher profile, newly listed / post ICO coins on their exchange before any others (e.g. Dragonchain, Request, Horizon State, Dent & Oyster to name a few) so there's a much better chance of catching that moonshot early!

KuCoin offers rewards for holding their token KCS and for inviting new users. Here is a graphic explaining what that means, how the 40% trading fee split bonuses work and the benefits offered - KuCoin Benefits

I hope you find this information useful, if you did I hope you'll be kind enough to sign up using my invitation code here! :)

KuCoin link is - https://www.kucoin.com

KuCoin Invitation code is E3Ij79


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