Just read "social ecology and communalism," feeling energized.

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This forum seems like it's been dead for a bit but as the title says I just read the collection of Bookchin essays "Social Ecology and Communalism" and the pamphlet "Communalism: A Liberatory Alternative" and fuck me if I don't feel more alive than ever. It's such a thorough set of ideas! Libertarian Municipalism is such a specific, bottom up way of approaching society. It's like I could actually think out each stage of the transition, whereas a lot of Leftists (maybe just internet reactionaries) are just like "bash the fash, eat the rich" and then mutual aid will make everything great.

I wanna move to a small town that's already progressive, run for office, and get this shit rolling, FUCK.

I used to be a weirdo anarcho-primitivist that was kinda wary of technology and was really into all that "Earth is our Mother" mysticism. Bookchin convinced me that reason and discourse is where it's at and that humanity can reach for the stars and still care for the Earth. I can't wait to read more.

Ok thanks for listening I'm just really excited.


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Potemkin wrote

Greetings! Not sure if anyone is here much anymore. I've been getting back into political reading and trying to move forward and organize locally and things. It would be nice to find some social ecologist-types to discuss things with. Social Ecology and Communalism can indeed be an exciting read!

I remember how excited I was to read Post-Scarcity Anarchism. Its discussion of "preconditions" and how to identify them as a basis for moving concretely toward the world we wish to see was compelling, along with the critique of authoritarian Marxism. Its advocation for "study" or "affinity" groups seemed to provide a pipeline from the theoretical directly to social action.

Currently, I'm reading Biehl's biography of Bookchin, Ecology or Catastrophe, and re-reading works such as Damian White's Bookchin: A Critical Appraisal. If anyone is reading this, maybe we can get this Communalism forum a little more active again?


bdheeman wrote

Are you aware that less than 1% clever ruling class people or political goons are enjoying luxurious lives at cost of taxes paid by rest of the hard working and honest class people, all over the world. 😋

Be it democracy, communism, socialism or whatever pyramids you name, all these are nothing more than cloacks these cunning political people wear to deceive us, the general public, since the early days of civilization. 😇

All political parties and, or politicians are similar their one and only aim is either to acquire or remain in the power, except this they have no other business. 😉

We elect them in the hope of good governance, but as soon as they come into power they start treating us like slaves, hence all governments are corrupt 😩