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ziq wrote

It really sucks how little credit Kirby gets. Stan Lee was just a hack, it was all Kirby.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Jack Kirby was so influential that comic book eras should be divided by BK and AK: Before Kirby and After Kirby. The guy was a character-creating, art drawing machine. I will always be on Team Give His Family All the Royalties! Because nearly every character in Marvel's stable who wound up being worth a reader's time, came from the pen of Jack Kirby.

Because I'm the type who likes to create fantastic scenarios (hence why I'm a comic book fan), sometimes I wonder if Jack Kirby is some kind of alien android sent by his creators to show, via his art, what the world could be like, if we embraced Kirby and the alien ideals he represented. But when we screwed Kirby over, the aliens were like, "Well, we were going to give you a cure for all known diseases, faster-than-light travel, and tech that can be created and powered by easy-to-procure resources that constantly renew itself, but clearly you're not worthy. Enjoy your shitty world that's gradually becoming less inhabitable due to pollution, ruled by guys born on third base who think that they hit a triple, and reality TV shows.


christobal wrote

Or how about this, they had knacks for different parts of the comics business and complemented eachother.

One an artist the other a salesman.


ziq wrote

There's a lot of evidence that Lee took credit for Kirby's work. Even claiming to have created Captain America.