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DigitalResponse wrote (edited )

I'm not sure why you got down-voted, because this is exactly what would happen. We wouldn't be thrown out of the digital-age forever. Within a generation or two a lot of digital infrastructure would be rebuilt. It's also important to remember that there are government installations that are built to protect against such threats to an extent.

So most likely, the State would still have a functioning power apparatus and could still easily exert control over a now "primitive" world.


DigitalResponse wrote

We dipped into the Greek alphabet this hurricane season. I don't doubt this year will be any different and it's only a matter of time till we get a Cat 5 that decides to come to a crawl along the coast -- last time it happened here we had state-wide flooding for weeks and dozens of people died... and it was only a Cat 3 when it hit.


UnlikelyCommittee wrote (edited )

Am I alone in thinking the danger of solar storms / CME coupled with our decreasing magnetic field is a sleeper?

Like I know it's a loved subject of conspiracy and catastrophe people. But it's also very real.

A Carrington event with the more or less 20% lessened magnetic field we have today would pretty much knock us out of the digital age no? Heck, out of the electric age for the most part.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

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And, in his final chapters, Tainter discusses why modern societies may not be able to choose to collapse: because surrounding them are other complex societies which will in some way absorb a collapsed region or prevent a general collaps.

I kinda agree with this one. Thanks for the recommendation I'll try to read his books.