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davidchapman wrote

The protests against wind energy projects in Kahuku, Hawaii, highlight a growing land-use conflict over renewable energy projects in various regions. While renewable energy is promoted as a solution to climate change, opposition from rural communities and concerns about noise and land use are mounting. Balancing renewable energy expansion with environmental and community concerns remains a significant challenge.


TheJawns OP wrote

My hope is that as the threat becomes more and more real for the individual, the cognitive dissonance will become too strong in enough people, that some form of systemic change (destruction) is possible. I welcome the destruction of our current society, but it would be nice if at least some people managed to voluntarily abandon it, before circumstances will force them to.


wednesday wrote

i'm sure the prisoner sees the utter uselessness of the prison, yet it requires more than just that to abolish it.

i'm not concerned about climate change. that might not be a very popular position, because climate change is likely to lead to a lot of suffering and death, but all the people who care very much about climate change are achieving exactly the same results as i am in preventing it, which is to say, none at all.

but more than that, states have been causing suffering and death for as long as they've existed (and even before then, if we consider historical proto-states). if we just stop and actually think about that for a moment, it is absolutely horrifying how much harm has been done - is still being done - by states; i'd even say it's inconceivable, in that while we can understand it in numeric or factual terms, it's really very difficult to truly understand or feel all of that suffering. we should cry until the end of days just to consider the enormity of it.

so will climate change cause more suffering? yes, of course. but i don't think it's the uniquely 'evil' event that some people make it out to be. climate change seems bad to many people because, for once, it's happening to us - and by 'us' i mean people like me, i.e., relatively well-off westerners. of course it will harm everyone, not just people who have been historically insulated from the harm of the state. but this harm has already happened and will continue to happen in the future. it's just the latest revolution in Leviathan's endless reproduction of itself.