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eltrkbrd wrote (edited )

Scary; in my last trip to India there were borewells being drilled alongside dried up riverbeds in Maharashtra 2000+ feet deep to flood irrigate monocrops of sugarcane.

10 years ago I saw thriving agricultural villages which have since turned to dustbowls and now big monopolies have come in to buy land on the cheap from suicide farmers to build giant windmill farms to pipe electricity to city slums...


eltrkbrd wrote (edited )

Reminds me of citrus greening; we just need more monocrops and genetic engineering.

Think Green Revolution 3.0 ala Swaminathan — that plus things like M$ AI agriculture, green cities, Bitcoin, etc. will be our salvation...

Remember TINA (there is no alternative)...

P.S. Seedless watermelons are an abomination.


existential1 wrote

I read, "The fish that ate the whale" two weeks ago. The story of Sam Zemurray, United Fruit, and bananas in the US is wild. Fuck the banana market. For real. Let non-wild bananas die and never come back. And have the companies that bought land all throughout central america to grow them and ship them to US consumers have the land expropriated.


ziq wrote (edited )

you can't, they don't export them

you could grow them yourself if you're in the right climate. seeds are on ebay

most of the bananas eaten by rainforest peoples are wild seeded kinds

they even grow in climates as cold as the Himalayas


ziq wrote

I've always wondered why westerners won't eat non-clone bananas. Sure they have a lot of seeds in them, but so do watermelons and that doesn't stop people from eating those. They taste way better than Cavendish which is all kinds of bland. Here we grow a dwarf banana that tastes a lot better than Cavendish but I guess isn't so marketable because the bananas are small.


existential1 wrote

I know you can't bring of everything all the time, but it's incredibly frustrating that they don't talk about how US policy is directly responsible for these people's suffering. Like, which coffee companies are they working for at $4 a day...and how did those companies come to own the land? Or any mention of the civil war. There's so much key context left out.


daniel wrote

The Sun is the primary driver of the climate, trace gases are not. The education system has failed in raising a generation of critical thinkers. The Earth does not revolve around the Sun, it revolves around the gravitational center of the solar system which is influenced by the orbit of the planets. Those planets also have most of the angular momentum of the solar system, their periodic (cyclical) actions influence fluctuations in the activity of the Sun and thus the climate on Earth. The Sun also has internal cyclical mechanisms the manifest in fluctuations in solar activity, which also influence climate on Earth. Space weather and solar angular momentum are much more reliable predictors of climate than are trace gases, which are only useful after the fact.