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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I have young kids, so I hope like hell the writer is wrong.

But of course my hope has no impact on the correctness of his arguments.


ergdj5 wrote

When I think about how fucked my future could be, there's a weird conciliatory overtone in the possibility that collapse will make it irrelevant.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

One of my few consolations is the hope that enough of the public realizes that the collapsing house of cards is a house of cards.

Some giant bank that did nothing but add a parasitic drag on the economy had 50 billion in imaginary money, and now it has -75 billion in imaginary money. In both cases, the only mistake is thinking it was important.


snuggus wrote

Same here. Had another jarring experience after realizing that all of the animals (lions, elephants, rhinos, etc) featured in my kid's storybooks will be gone by the time they are teens. Just fucking sad. And I'm supposed to lie to them and pretend like everything is gonna be ok?