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red_pepper wrote

I subscribe to the theory that a Blue Ocean event will do irreversible damage to the Arctic by removing ice as a thermal sink, reducing albedo, putting a fresh water cap on ocean circulation, heating up methane clathrates in Arctic sediment, ect. Once that ice is gone, it may never come back. After that the non-linear effects of climate change are going to become very apparent to everyone on Earth.

... but at least we can drill for Arctic oil and use the Northern Passage year round!


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red_pepper wrote

I'm not sure about other countries, but America will soon have to deal with a crisis at Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. The water reservoir has been low for a long time due to high demand for water and long-term drought, and has gotten close to falling below critical intake valves within the past decade. If that ever happens, the entire American SW will face a double water and electricity crisis like America has never seen. Entire states will need to be evacuated (temporarily at first, until they realize the water ain't coming back) and it would make Venezuela's and South Africa's megadroughts pale in comparison.