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Quicksilver wrote

"As if this wasn’t terrifying enough, Swan’s research finds that these chemicals aren’t just dramatically reducing semen quality, they are also shrinking penis size and volume of the testes. This is nothing short of a full-scale emergency for humanity."

I for one cannot wait!


metocin wrote

inb4 RL children of men


existential1 wrote

All memes aside, this is something that if not addressed may be extinction for humans even if we somehow survive climate catastrophe. Industrial culture makes it impossible to avoid plastic. There are no exceptions. It's in the rain.

If people are concerned about body dismorphic disorder now, it isn't too hard to see how this issue will make that condition even more prevalent in the future. Similarly, people assumed at first it only made male sexual organs and organisms less prominent or lower in count, but it actually greatly effect female sexual reproductive capacity as well. It has severely affected exposed marine creatures already.

Honestly, it just makes me feel bad about all the people who have their dreams of reproduction differed if they're poor while wealthy people can afford procedures. And the amount of confusion it will cause even more people when their bodies don't match what would have otherwise been if not for pollution.

It can be a meme-y subject, but it can be quite sad as well.


f00dninja wrote

Another part of this is that it is not just our reproduction that is messed up, but that of all mammals! All mammals as far as I know rely on the same basic hormones. Someone more knowledgeable than I am should tell me why this is not going to cause the mass extinction of all mammals on earth, because I can't figure out a reason why it wouldn't.